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Legal Zoom Review - Legal Zoom - didn't do such a great job but came through in the end - LLC setup
Legal Zoom Review

Legal Zoom Review


Legal Zoom - didn't do such a great job but came through in the end - LLC setup

So I used legal Zoom to set up my new company and paid them a small fortune to process my papers for me. Part of what i paid for was help in obtaining an EIN. All of my other papers came through great and it saved me a lot of time and headache trying to do it all myself BUT when my packet arrived it did NOT have the ein papers as promised nor did it include a 'self addressed stamped envelope' as promised in the enclosed letter (to mail the EIN in I suppose?)

i finally processed it myself and when I sent legal Zoom an email letting them know I wanted a refund for that part of my purchase they wrote back and told me I had to provide them with my EIN (WHAT??????)

This is my reply:
Please clarify, are you asking me to send you the EIN number?
That is none of your business and in any case has not been rec'd yet (I have only just recently sent in the paperwork myself).
If you are in fact asking for my EIN number I must say that find this to be a ridiculous request and expect further explanation of WHY you need that info from me in order to refund the amount.
If need be I will contact my bank for a chargeback but I will NOT compromise my personal and business information further by sharing that with you or any of your representatives unless you can provide legal and reasonable example of WHY this is necessary.

Then decided to just call their customer service. When I explained my situation they refunded the money right away.

So all in all, they came through...

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Tarawa says: (6 years ago)
I did my LLC with Legal Zoom and my trust. After your reprehensible and spineless pull out from Rush Limbaugh, I am done with you folks. I refuse to do business with someone that ignores the first amendment and puts their support behind a party that would do away with it if they could. Bad on you guys and I will not be apart of it. Never heard you speak up over all the vial and disgusting things they said about Sarah Palin.

kkimbro100 says: (9 years ago)
I used legal zoom for my divorce and i must say that i was very satisfied! The judge warned me about standing in as my own attorney and let me know that it was a great possibility that i may have to return again if my paperwork was not correct (this would just prolong the procedure) but i was confident about the paperwork that legal zoom had put together for me..and it paid off, i went to 1 hearing the paperwork was very clear and complete..and thank God, i didnt have to return for another hearing..thnx legal zoom, i would refer them to friends and family and plan to do use them for other legal situations in the future!

graphxartist says: (9 years ago)
you can call an 800 number direct to the irs and get an ein number for free. DBA filing with the county office is also cheap and easy and there are plenty of newspapers standing outside the office that will publish your notice for you.

graphxartist says: (9 years ago)
you can call an 800 number direct to the irs and get an ein number for free. DBA filing with the county office is also cheap and easy and there are plenty of newspapers standing outside the office that will publish your notice for you.

UnhappyinFl says: (9 years ago)
We paid $140 for paper work that would cost only $20 at the courthouse for a name change. We thought all the work was done for us but now I have filing fees and other expenses costing another $300. This is BS

Chasmblvdo says: (9 years ago)
I thought that if I was thorough enough and paid top shelf that maybe LZ would come through.

The first thing they did was post on the web that I my project (LLC) was on hold and that I needed to contact them for additional information.

Did so - spoke with Monique - confirmed that all they needed was to be sure that I had no more "specific instructions" . These instructions were:

All materials and services must meet all AR State and Federal requirements for converting a sole proprietor to LLC. Any materials and services provided by Legal Zoom that are deemed untimely, inaccurate or "insufficient by applicant" will be a cause for action liable for treble damages of applicant costs paid to Legal Zoom as well as expected future earnings of LLC applied. Legal Zoom's processing of credit card payment constitutes acknowledgement of this condition as well as full and irrevocable agreement to its conditions.

As of tonight at 20:00 hrs - fully 5 days plus, they still have my project on hold. This is over 48 hours since I contacted them by phone and confirmed that they required no further information.

I paid for a premium package with expedite fees.

Now that they have clearly breached the agreement I have:

1) Notified CC company for dispute - This is Discover. If they do not comply, fine. I don't use them and would just cancel and dispute card.
2) Notified Legal Zoom that they are now liable for all charges, costs, damages, and expected future earnings.

This is not the first time I have had to cancel a project with Legal Zoom. I learned what to do from the first time.

But - what do you expect from a meshugana shyster that defended OJ?

cancelrush says: (10 years ago)
I have dealt with legal zoom for the last two weeks and I am not impressed. My credit card did not have the funds to pay for their services so legalZoom called me and asked me to give them a credit card over the phone. I had bought the full service pkg. which cost 770.00.

The guy on the phone worked me hard for a credit card over the phone but I told him I will not give my credit card number over the phone. The legalZoom guy told me to go back online and finish the transaction when I was ready.

Six days later LegalZoom charged my card again and it went through. I received an email on Oct 14 which stated I need to visit their site and rerun my credit card to finish the transaction. Ten minutes after this email arrived, LegalZoom emailed me again and told me they had charged my credit card on file. This all happened within ten minutes on Oct 14/08 but LegalZoom charged my credit card on Oct 11/08.

Whenever I talked to a representative from LegalZoom they were harsh and only did what was best for LegalZoom. They cared nothing about my needs. They like to go round and round and round making the customer repeat their issues countless times during the same phone call then picking a small point to their advantage and calling an end to the customer's complaint.

They insist you know the dates of your other legalzoom conversations and they never believe you when you repeat something a legalzoom employee stated which would help resolve your complaint. Legalzoom has great documentation of their contact with you. They know what others have said but they only accept the statements which ends in their advantage.

I did not enjoy this at all. They were harsh and strict with me because they had my money. I was going to have to accept what they gave me and they had no reason to work with my needs. Since LegalZoom did not have any right to charge my card on the date they charged my credit card. I disputed the charges and will go to another legal document company for my documentation.

If you have ever dealt with a company where the employees protect the other employees over the needs of the customer then you will understand what it is like to deal with LegalZoom.

entrepeneur says: (10 years ago)
LegalZoom is a great company for marketing but tends to treat their customers like we are all the same. After doing some research I used another incorporate company that was only $50.00 more. They have been invaluable. With LegalZoom all your documents are not filed. You still have to pay for your list of officers, I didn’t know that. This other company had my E.I.N in 10 minutes; the IRS actually has a phone number you can call. You don’t have to send in any paperwork. I have learned my lesson, experience over price anytime. My business is too important to me not to do it right.

JerryWage31 says: (10 years ago)
Wow I acutely need to file my Corporation, and EIN, and then File a DBA under Corp. So I need some one that know what they where doing not an attorney because they charge an arm to file documents, So I started to call all this document preparation company’s and legalzoom was one of them.. Did my research to big no customer service and so on.. And then I crossed legalcpu.com the CPU got me so I called and talk to a guy Stephen K. Wow was he helpful he answers all my question and gave me an exact date and deliver day for my documents so I rolled my dice and guess what legalcpu delivered what they said keep me updated and send me presentation folder so I can keep all my documents in the folder or in the corporate book

fedupwiththefeds says: (10 years ago)
Amazing what some companies think they can get away with. This makes me leary of Legal Zoom though to know it is their policy to ask. I suppose they don't 'trust' the customer who could just as easily lie and ask for a refund but then why offer the service?

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