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  • Unable to perform legal services

    I hired Legal Zoom to file articles of Incorporation in the state of South Carolina for a client of mine. This can be done online in one day, yet almost 30 days later, Legal Zoom still has us in "delayed" status despite having all necessary information. They have not communicated with me at all, and have caused my client to be angry with my for using them. SC requires a sign-off on corporate set-ups by a SC attorney. I suspect Legal Zoom does not have a licensed SC attorney and thus cannot perform the services they are claiming and charging me for. Steer clear of Legal Zoom, as... More...
    (Legal Services)
    troll10105's Picture   troll10105    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away - their customer service is worse than no customer service

    Filed 3 corporations with them Spent about 1200 dollars and they were quick to take the $$ When time came to change name cause it was not approved by state , they have yet to return my phone call and I have yet to get hold of them after a month full of tries with 2 plus hours phone calls Stay away from this company with a 100 meter pole guys To them new customer is worth hundreds of dollars Existing customer is sucked in and is worth piece of 5h!t They excuse every time on every negative review is they have been busy Of course they are busy because they have 1 person helping... More...
    (Legal Services)
    Iclear's Picture   Iclear    2 Comments   Comments
  • no progress after 6 weeks

    I registered and paid for forming an s-corp 6 weeks ago and legalzoom is unable to get it done. Every 2 weeks the status on their website says 'blocked, need more info' and when I call them they say that it was due to a technical glitch and that the incorporation will move forward and the process repeats after 2 weeks. When I complained about this, they say they are willing to give my money back but it has been 6 weeks and they are not even willing to apologize for the incovenience and stress they put me through. Their customer support team went on to say "I will not... More...
    (Legal Services)
    prashanth's Picture   prashanth    1 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom LLC

    I was incorporated in 2009 for a quoted fee at the time of $936.41. I have continued to pay for RA fees for a total of 5 years, this year I am opting out and going it alone. My American express card was recently charged ( without my authorization, they used the same card number) for an additional fee of $936.41. I was never told the fee was going to be 1800.00 at any time, because it wasnt at the time. I am waiting on the outcome and I am thinking of legal action if my Amex account is not credited. More...
    (Legal Services)
    myamour4's Picture   myamour4    1 Comments   Comments
  • Do Not Rely!

    Our company used LegalZoom for qualification to do business in another state and chose LegalZoom's nominee to serve as our corporation's registered agent-United States Corporation Agents Inc. Unfortunately this "agent" did not forward or notify us with any paperwork they received in our behalf. The State's rep. we talked to informed us that several attempts were made to reach us over the years and all communications were sent to this agent which is still in business. Consequently, our business is now ordered to pay 7 years worth of fees and penalties. This agent is... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    nxy4me's Picture   nxy4me    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible

    LegalZoom charged me extra to "expedite" my trademark filing. Months later nothing has been done. I send them the information they need, and then a couple weeks later I receive a voicemail saying they are still waiting for me. When I write them asking what they need, I receive the same form email "you specimen may be incomplete for Class 16." The last time I called I was misdirected twice, put on hold for 15 minutes, then disconnected. When I asked for a refund on the expedite fee, the guy on the phone laughed at me. More...
    drachman's Picture   drachman    2 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom, taking extra $459.00 from my bank account

    This company is a scam!!! My son and I needed help getting a small business started. We were not sure on the first steps of doing so. We decided to start with legal zoom and agreed to make payments of 189.00 a month for three months because we were TRYING to START a business and we didn't have a lot of money to put up front. They charged my credit card $459.00 EXTRA EXTRA on top of the payments we had agreed to. I would NEVER refer this company and I will put this on every network I can find to report this information and get it known to people TRYING to start a small business. It is... More...
    (Legal Services)
    tishl77's Picture   tishl77    2 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom - A Total Rip Off Firm For Patent's - Save Your Money & Stay Away

    This Company is a total a Scam and a Fraud. I applied for a Trademark with them and sent all the applicable fee's and also documentation. But was constantly getting requests for more money for unrelated items. I at one stage asked them to remove two names from the application as they had turned out to be not suitable to have on there, I owned the application. Again they wanted more and more money,I emailed them and refused to pay it and queried with them that it was a Scam and that I would not be paying anymore money to them. They told me to see if the USPTO would consider removing... More...
    (Legal Services)
    Lurleen's Picture   Lurleen    1 Comments   Comments
  • Markham Locksmith 905 472 7248

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. We called them to replace two locks on our residential front doors and service doors. When the service man arrived we asked for a quotation. He told us don't worry, I will look after you. He worked on the locks while my husband and I were at work. After the two locks were installed we received a whopping invoice for $3,700.00. Shocked, we called the office and the Roberto tried to justify why the invoice was of that amount. We told them the price was ridiculous and we would never have proceeded had we know this is what they would be doing. He suddenly... More...
    (Repair Services)
    mina12's Picture   mina12    1 Comments   Comments
  • Won't talk to me about a product I purchased!!!!!

    I filed a living will a long time ago. I lost my wallet two weeks ago and wanted a replacement card. The lady I spoke to told me she needed the email address that I first used when I placed the order. I told her I have changed email addresses a few times since my order. She said that "was the only way she could look up my account". I need a replacement card. This is crazy. I run a business and we can look up customers account in more than one way. More...
    (Legal Services)
    DannyR's Picture   DannyR    1 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom Stringing me along

    I used Legal Zoom for my parents pow and wills etc and thought things went smoothly so I decided to use them for getting my dba and seller's permit. Got the dba after about 6-8 weeks but now still waiting for the seller's permit which I was told every time I called it would be about 10-15 business days until I would receive it. I am tired of waiting and still have not got this stupid permit after two months, which by the way they did not even begin to process this application until the dba was completed so I thought it would go quickly once that was out of the way but NO, here I... More...
    (Legal Services)
    jcc3's Picture   jcc3    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bait and Switch

    I thought I would save some time and effort by going thru Legal Zoom to file for a CA LLC. The advertising specifies $99 as a cost. I received a phone call from their customer service dept. and they made themselves available for questions, but also told me that the state was running up to three weeks behind. I had to turn down a large number of "up-sell" items to keep the cost down. I later got an email placing the account on hold. I called them and they stated that the order would take up to a month an a half to process, unless I upgraded to the more expensive premium... More...
    (Legal Services)
    dblack2014's Picture   dblack2014    6 Comments   Comments
  • Unauthorized Account Withdrawals

    Adequate notice is given for a reason! If you desire to cancel a subscription, why on earth are you given a hard time, wait time, and the go-to response of , "I'll see if you can get a refund (placed on hold, return to call), unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do." coupled with withdrawals you do not know are being transacted. The reviews are accurate. I find myself in the same vein as the other "customers" and I also would NEVER, EVER, recommend this "service" to anyone seriously considering business or personal assistance. More...
    (Legal Services)
    ZOOMPASTIT's Picture   ZOOMPASTIT    1 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect Business name, terrible customer service

    I paid 677.00 for an expedited filing. Three weeks later I received my business kit with the name "Paper angels", rather than "Paper Angels" Any company worth their salt would have verified the the capitalization. Anyone who has gone past the second grade knows that you capitalize any word in a title with more than five letters. I would look like an absolute idiot if I sent business letters with this business name. I was told by customer service and marketing that i could pay an additional $200.00 to have it amended. By the way my husband is an attorney who has... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Form LLC

    Customer Service person walked me through setting up everything to form an LLC. I paid for most expensive, Premium/Rush Service 7-10 days. Customer service rep did not ask me correctly about Registered Agent for my state. This put the account on hold for over 10 days. Once I straightened this out, they assured me my LLC would now be rushed. Fast forward ANOTHER 5 days, I receive ANOTHER email that my account is still on hold. I call. Oh, hmmm, they already have the information they need. "Good news," they say. They will file my paperwork next week with the state, which... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    TayaBaby's Picture   TayaBaby    1 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom Horrible Customer Service Hung Up On Me!!!!!!!!!!1

    Lied to about when my card would charged for only 3 installments, and should of been hit on the 8th of every month. Started 1/8/2013 1st paid, then not even a week later they charged my card a 155.00 fee for some registerd agent. I looked on my 1st receipt and it had no price next to the regiserd agent, and there was a symbol of an asterorick next to it, what a bunch of sneaky shisters. they sent my package, and they misspelled my street dress, after I called them twice to change it, then they never sent corrected paperwork?? Also, I called close to them closing waited 45 min on hold spoke... More...
    (Legal Services)
    jaske32's Picture   jaske32    2 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware

    Had a will to leave property to partner paid a fee and without being notified realized while looking at my charge card year end statement that they billed me 14.99 for 6 months. This is strange that a company calling themselves LEGAL ZOOM deals in such a corrupt unlawful practice. Really ? I want my money back and shame on you. More...
    (Legal Services)
    dankelley1's Picture   dankelley1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unorganized wasters of my time and money!

    1) I hired then on December 17th to file a corporation I wanted for 2013, they said it would take 7-10 business day putting me well within the December 31st deadline. 2) They sent me 3 reminders to sign documents but never sent any documents to sign 3) I called and was told they would arrive in 24 hours, that the emails were a mistake. The documents never came. 4) I called again and spoke to a rep who said he was kind enough to manually find my documents and forwarded them to me. 5) I followed up that phone call with a manager, Abel Trinidad, who assured me you would personally get... More...
    (Legal Services)
    cafemermaids's Picture   cafemermaids    2 Comments   Comments
  • Won't stop emailing

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I used Legal Zoom to buy an 'off the shelf' corporation a few years ago. It cost me a few hundred dollars - which I thought was great. The problem is that I didn't really do anything with the corporation, and decided to dissolve it. Despite this, Legal Zoom will NOT STOP sending me emails saying they are my 'Registered Agent' and I have a subscription of this kind. I have attempted several times via phone, and via email to explain that the company no longer exists, and that in any event i do NOT want Legal Zoom's services. But they keep emailing ... see... More...
    (Legal Services)
    jamesjcog's Picture   jamesjcog    1 Comments   Comments
  • Watch out for

    The Legalzoom site did not give me the total price they were charging until after I clicked on the confirm button. Once I found out that the charge was four and a half times what I expected I immediately called and asked to cancel the order and be refunded. They told me it would be three days. I called three days later and the refund wasn't even scheduled in their system. The person I spoke with was nice and reversed the order but when I got the confirmation email it said it would be seven days before it would post. I incurred a lot of bank fees because of this company. I... More...
    (Legal Services)
    davidhuber491's Picture   davidhuber491    1 Comments   Comments
  • LegalZoom wasted TWO WEEKS of my time

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. In the world of business permits, time is money and LegalZoom wasted TWO WEEKS of my time. We had ordered our Sellers Permit application via LegalZoom on 9/11/2013. We submitted our application via LegalZoom's online system AND review the application in its entirety with LegalZoom employee #1. Employee #1 assured me that the process generally takes 7-10 business day, but I should probably get my permit around 9/18 or 9/19. Still no news on 9/25 so I called back and spoke with employee #2 who checked their system and realized that our application was still sitting around waiting to... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • LegalZoom...a bunch of morons!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I sent in paperwork back in June (4 months ago) for a trade name certificate and tax id# for my business. They kept getting the paperwork back from the county because the part THEY (LegalZoom) filled out was too small. Instead of picking up the phone to call the county clerk and resolve the issue, they just kept sending the same paperwork to me over and over again! They completely wasted 4 months of my time...I'm getting a refund and will go to the county myself to file. I wouldn't recommend LegalZoom to ANYONE for ANYTHING!!! Don't be lazy...hire a lawyer or do it yourself. More...
    (Legal Services)
    massage70's Picture   massage70    2 Comments   Comments
  • Establish LLC

    Paid for service on April 21, 2013. Paid for expedited services that provides me with the paperwork within 10 business days. It is now September 7th, 2013 and I still do not have the paperwork! I have been provided promises by Legal Zoom to send paperwork which was not done. I was provided a promise to overnight the paperwork - it was not done. I tried calling customer service. I was refused to be provided with a supervisor's name or phone number. I called four times on September 7th, held for a total of over an hour and a half and was hung up on each time. I WANT A... More...
    (Legal Services)
    jessierae's Picture   jessierae    0 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom - Do not live up to their advertisements

    I tried to use Legal Zoom to help me file all of my Non-profit paperwork. They actually did nothing for me but to continue to call and hold my order for questions I have already filled out. Then when needed general advise could not offer any to me. Essentially I was doing all of the leg work that I could have done on my own much faster and at 272% higher than I even needed to pay..I found out I did not need to file the way I had started and could file all my paperwork in the state of Idaho for free! I was able to handle everything under a day and it's been 1 month with Legal Zoom who... More...
    (Legal Services)
    shanringer's Picture   shanringer    0 Comments   Comments
  • LegalZoom is completely incompetent

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. In hindsight, I realize that my entire business registration process was been delayed because someone needed to make their sales quota, and sold me a business name reservation that I didn't need. I could have been fine with getting bamboozled had my order been properly handled at that time. Instead, Legal Zoom failed to handle my expedited (which I paid extra for) order in a competent fashion by not giving asking me for the right information in a timely fashion: First, no one said anything about me having to release the name to legal zoom to file with the state. Then, after... More...
    (Legal Services)
    EvaB's Picture   EvaB    1 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading and awful product

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I paid a thousand bucks for Legal Zoom's services in November to get non-profit paperwork filed and am just now getting close to being able to submit the paperwork that I signed up for help with. LegalZoom makes it sound like they will hold your hand through the process but all they do is ask you the same questions any form you would need to file with the state asks. I was hoping there would be some level of expertise to help guide the process. None. Every step took at least two weeks, sometimes as long as a month, there was almost always a mistake made on the work done for me, in... More...
    (Legal Services)
    codyk500's Picture   codyk500    1 Comments   Comments
  • Legal Zoom

    I used Legal Zoom to file my LLC just fine, at first. Seemed really easy and efficient. Two days later, I got a call saying that my first name choice was taken so could we use the second? Sure, no prob. Two (business) days later, I called to cancel the free Business Advantage month trial they offer everyone and change the cc on my account. SOMEHOW, THEY MANAGED TO PUT A HOLD ON MY LLC ORDER AND PENDING CANCELLATION OF THE ENTIRE THING INSTEAD. That was on Friday early in the day. The following Wednesday, late in the afternoon, I got a VM from them that there was both a problem with my LLC... More...
    (Legal Services)
    bizowner's Picture   bizowner    1 Comments   Comments
  • divorce

    This is unbelievable. Legal zoom promises divorce for $300. We wasted 2.5 years. Now I am hiring a lawyer for $3500. Here are the issues: 1) Legal zoom is unable to customize the separation agreement. When we tried to customize it, the separation agreement was unacceptable for the court. 2) legal zoom was unable to fit our specific New York case (living separate or apart for more than 1 year after filing a separation agreement). They said it is a very rare case and they are unable to accommodate it. "Consult our attorneys for additional fees". 3) Legal zoom was unable... More...
    (Legal Services)
    Pavel000's Picture   Pavel000    2 Comments   Comments
  • Failed to provide services which were paid for

    LegalZoom failed to see a conflict with our trademark before we submitted it to the USPTO. They let us submit a trademark that should never have been submitted, and are refusing to refund us for the services they did not provide. We have wasted 5 months and money because of LegalZoom and their failure to deliver services, and they are refusing to refund us for the full amount. In addition, their customer service is the WORST, they never answer phones, ignore emails and are just unhelpful whenever you have an issue with them. This is the most disappointing experience, and we are requesting... More...
    (Legal Services)
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